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Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Found!

It’s amazing how food brings back memories! I remember when I was in middle school, the home economics teacher had her students bake gigantic chocolate chip cookies and she would sell the cookies for $1 each as a fundraiser for the school.  I remember the smell of the fresh-baked cookies coming from the second floor of her classroom would fill the whole building. I had my math class next to the home economics classroom and all I could think about was cookies when I should’ve been concentrating on math!  I remember my math teacher, Mr. Jamison, gave me and another student $1 each to buy us cookies one day.   We were probably drooling and he pitied us.

They were some of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had–large cookies with a crispy edge and a soft chewy center.  I’ve never been able to replicate that type of chocolate chip cookie–unit now.

I’ve tried many chocolate chip cookie recipes and while many have been good enough to satisfy the chocolate chip cookie craving at the time.  None of them were astounding.  This recipe is!  Where have I been living that I didn’t know about this sooner?


This cookie recipe is from none other than the New York Times.  You can find it on NYT here or on Leite’s Culinaria.  The recipe really calls for patience because you’re supposed to let the dough chill in the refrigerator for 24-36 hours.  Age the dough!  It’s supposed to let the dry ingredients absorb some of the moisture, which results in a toffee-like tasting cookie the longer you age it. If you can’t wait for at least 24 hours, I suggest you use another recipe because it may come out too cakey.

This recipe calls for a lot of chocolate chips.  I normally never follow the recipe for the exact amount of chocolate chips because I actually don’t like it overflowing with chocolate.  I like a good ratio of cookie to chocolate chips.  I used a 10oz package of Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Premium Baking Chips and it was perfect for me.

Make sure you drop the cookies in 3.5oz ball.  Yes!  This is going to be a big cookie!  I used a scale and when I saw the ball of dough, I thought this is was going to be a big ball of mess, but the cookies flatten out and had this amazing crispy edge with a soft middle.  I think it needs to be this big to get that crispy edge and soft chewy center.  Make them smaller at your own risk.

Before I baked it, I let the dough ball sit on the parchment-lined cookie sheet and let it warm up to room temperature for a bit.  I baked it at 350F for 18 minutes.

I made 4 cookies (2 regular chocolate chip and 2 chocolate chip with walnuts) and rolled the remaining dough and froze them for another day.

The recipe will yield about 18 cookies that are 5″-5 1/2″ diameter.

I used the regular oven–not convection mode.

I’ve read some complaints where some thought the recipe is overly complicated with the cake flour and bread flour instead of all-purpose flour.  I used what the recipe called for but some have claimed good results with just all-purpose flour.  I’ll probably follow the recipe because if I’m going to wait 24-36 hours for these cookies, I’m not going to chance it with the all-purpose flour.  These are so so good and worth the fussiness.

IMG_8886 (1)

Happy Baking!  Have you tried this recipe?  What did you think of it?


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