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Bread Maker

Brioche Bread
Brioche Bread

Doesn’t this brioche bread look delicious? I have a secret. I made it in a bread machine! Yes, it’s fun to take out your frustration on the dough sometimes, but making bread is a laborious task. Sometimes, you just want the bread to magically appear and that’s where my new toy comes in!

New Toy

Once I received my Amazon package, I was like a kid on Christmas morning that couldn’t wait to open up my present— a bread maker. I’ve wanted one since college when my housemate got her Zojirushi Breadmaker.  At the time, I was a poor college student, so I couldn’t afford it but marveled at the yummy smelling bread it magically created.  

Since I make sandwiches for my kids’ lunches quite often, I started researching bread machines again. I was pleasantly surprised that they’ve really come down in price.   The Sunbeam Programmable Bread Maker was around $60 and consistently received great ratings.  Similarly priced is the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker that also received great reviews. It was a toss-up between the two, but I just went with the Sunbeam one because the color matched my kitchen more.

The Test

Once I opened the box, I perused the recipes that came with the bread maker but decided that I would make brioche bread instead (recipe not included with the bread maker). This would be the ultimate test to see if it was a keeper or not.  To ensure the best results, I used Fleischmann’s Yeast for Bread Machines and King Arthur Flour Unbleached Bread Flour as most commenters had suggested.

I was so excited to start. This was the brioche bread recipe that I used. I added all the wet ingredients first and then all the dry ingredients.  I created a little hole in the flour mound and added the yeast last so that it would not interact with the liquid yet.    I just plugged in the unit and left it on all its default settings. I also had to gradually add 8 TBSP of butter during its mixing cycle. 


I began having doubts and wondered if I was overly ambitious when I first saw the formed dough.  It looked so tiny.  Perhaps I should’ve tried one of the simpler recipes that came with the unit. There was no way that little ball of dough was going to give me a  loaf of bread!   Either the recipe was incorrect or the machine was a dud.  During the whole 3 hour process, I kept peeking into the little window to watch over its progress.  To my surprise, the bread turned out fantastic!  The brioche bread was a hit with my family!  

Sure, you can buy bread from the store, but it won’t make your house smell as good as freshly baked bread. It was pretty much effortless on my part because my bread maker did all the work.

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