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Budget Croissants

Croissant Stand - Budget Croissants

Budget croissants? Is that an oxymoron? Croissants are like the sophisticated baked goods–unlike a common dinner roll after-all. But, yes! I have found some budget croissants!

I love fresh-baked croissants! In Paris, the ubiquitous bakeries always have fresh-baked croissants and I still couldn’t get enough. The pain au chocolat is good, but I can always appreciate a well-made butter croissant!

Croissant Options

Local Bay Area fans probably found a favorite in Milk Pail. This Mountain View market used to carry frozen croissants but unfortunately, they’ve since closed. I tried the frozen Market Pantry ones from Target, I would skip this one.

The Costco ones from their bakery are certainly priced right but don’t have that crispy flakiness that a truly well-made croissant has. But, they are pretty darn cheap–good for the kid’s sandwiches!

I’ve always meant to try the Williams Sonoma ones but after some research, I found out that Galaxy Desserts supplies croissants to Williams Sonoma and Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s has them at a more affordable price. They used to carry the mini croissants in a box by Galaxy Desserts, but they’ve since changed vendors. The new ones are now made in Belgium and come in a plastic bag. The other versions (pain au chocolat and almond croissants) are still the Galaxy Desserts ones.

I actually prefer the mini ones in the box, they were shaped more like how you’d expect a croissant to be. The newer ones are shaped like Pilsbury crescent rolls. The new ones do not require proofing though. That’s one big difference! For something that’s so effortless, I found them to be pretty darn good. It’s not as good as the previous version, but I love that I can take it from the freezer to my convection toaster oven and voilà. And because they’re mini-sized, you’d think you can eat keep on eating them. For now, these will have to do. Or I might just bite the bullet and order these Williams Sonoma ones. Or perhaps the next step is to take a croissant baking class at Sur La Table.

Fresh Baked Croissant Options

Of course, if you looking for some fresh options there is always Bouchon Bakery in Yountville and Tartine Bakery and Arsicault Bakery in San Francisco.


Speaking of Trader Joe’s… If you love them, then you have to listen to this Freakanomics podcast about Trader Joe’s. I find it fascinating how low key they operate, yet they have such a large fanbase.

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