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Day Trip – Arizona Cactus Garden and Rodin Sculpture Garden in Palo Alto, CA

Arizona Cactus Garden

You don’t need to be a student at Stanford University to check out the campus and enjoy its beautiful grounds. This time our visit focuses on the Arizona Cactus Garden and the Rodin Sculpture Garden. There is also a museum but unfortunately, it was closed due to COVID-19.

Shake Shack

I was craving Shake Shack’s burgers and fries, so that was our first stop. Unfortunately, we didn’t leave the house until 2 pm so by the time we arrived at Shake Shack, we were starving and hangry!

I placed an order online but the wait was longer than expected and I also accidentally left off the 2 chocolate shakes that my husband and daughter specifically asked for. They thought I intentionally denied them their shakes. So, we had to put in another order and waited some more.

My usual order

After we got some food in our stomachs, we were less cranky. We were ready to resume our exploration of Palo Alto.

Arizona Cactus Garden

This is my second time here and I’m still amazed by this hidden gem. It’s tucked away from street view, especially with the hospital construction going on. It’s open to the public without charge. We parked nearby and walked a short distance to the Cactus Garden. It wasn’t too busy so it was easy to socially distance.

This botanical garden specializes in cactus and succulents. Some are very prickly. I would hate to accidentally bump up against them. I can’t decide if my middle daughter or the cactus is more prickly. Hmmm…

We also walked to the Leland Family Mausoleum and then to the Angel of Grief.

The Angel of Grief,” Jane Stanford’s tribute to her deceased brother, Henry Lathrop.

Rodin Sculpture Garden

Although the Cantor Arts Center was closed, the outdoor sculpture garden is easily accessible. We parked in front of the gardens and leisurely took our time to appreciate the outdoor statues.

The Gates of Hell is definitely the most intriguing piece of work here.

Cantor Arts Center

Hope you enjoyed our short day trip!

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