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Daytrip – Apple Picking at Clearview Organic Orchards

Apple Picking 2020

Autumn is finally here. It happens to be my favorite season because I love the rich colors of fall and the weather is normally perfect — not too hot nor too cold. Although with the recent heat from this week, it’s hard to tell that fall is here.

Since fall is here, it must be time for apple picking! Yay!

We went on a day trip to our favorite apple orchard in Watsonville, Clearview Organic Orchards. We came here last year as well. I think people must’ve been cooped up from the pandemic for too long because it was a lot busier this year.

We arrived at 11 am and there were about 6 cars ahead of us to get through the gates to park. It was quick and organized since they had people directing drivers to their parking spaces. When we left at 12:30 pm, there were fewer cars waiting to get in and the parking lot wasn’t as packed.

Because of the dwarf variety of apple trees, it was easy for the kids to help with the picking. We picked three bagfuls of apples, got 3 jugs of apple cider to give to extended family, and purchased some of their local honey. Unfortunately, they ran out of apple turnovers. I was really looking forward to having the turnovers, but I guess I will have to bake my own this year.

Instead of reusable cloth bags, they provided biodegradable plastic bags for the picked apples. There was a bit of line to checkout, but it moved along fast.

We’ve been coming here for a few years and it’s always been a fun experience. Check out my post from last year if you want to see a picture of their delicious apple turnovers.

Their apples are $2.50/LB. The apples may seem small but they are very flavorful and sweet.

I Love U-Pick

If you’ve read my other blog posts, then you probably know that I love going to U-Pick farms.

My Chinese mom always balks at the prices of u-pick fruits. She thinks because I labored in the hot sun and am doing the hard work, then the fruits should at least be the same price as the markets–perhaps even less.

This time was no different. When I told her we took the family to go apple picking. The first thing she asked me was how much did I pay for the apples. She then tells me that she can get the apples for $0.99/LB at the supermarket.

I’m not sure I can fully make her understand. I don’t mind at all because I know I’m paying for a quality product. All the fruits that I’ve gotten from U-Pick farms are at its peak of ripeness and they’re delicious, which is not what I can say about most supermarket fruits. Supermarket fruits although convenient will never compete with the freshness that I can get straight from a farm or orchard. Farmer’s markets come close, but still…nothing like picking your own.

Also, being outdoors, spending time as a family, and having everyone away from their electronic gadgets is a great thing.

We had a fun time picking apples. I just love being outdoors and smelling the fresh scent of fragrant apples in the air, So, $2.50/LB is a bargain!

I still have a bagful of apples in the refrigerator and making apple turnovers is on my to-do list!

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