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Easy Basic Crêpe Recipe

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Strawberry Nutella Crêpe

There is something about crêpes that have a special place in my heart! Just the smell evokes pleasant memories of my college days. Although crêpes seem like an elevated brunch food for the Francophiles, it was actually a cheap eats for me in my university days. Crêpes A Go Go was on the way back to my boarding house and I’d catch a whiff of the delicious, inviting crêpes. It was also a place where I discovered this thing call Nutella! This wonderful hazelnut spread that you can just eat right out of the jar. They used to have jars of this stuff piled next to the window.

As a poor college student, I loved going to Crêpes A Go Go because they offered savory and sweet crêpes at an affordable price.  $6 could get you a meal-like crepe with ham, cheese, and mushroom while $3 could get you a sweet and deliciously simple lemon butter dessert crepe.  I was sad to hear that they had closed down.

The Discovery

I learn that crêpes are actually very easy to make. Whenever I feel nostalgic or whenever I feel like being a loving wife and mom, I would make my family their favorite–strawberry with Nutella topped with whipped cream. It feels like such a sophisticated brunch item yet it’s so effortless. Just don’t tell my family! I rather they continue to think that I’m working hard to make them crêpes. I like when they thank me profusely for it.

To make things easier, I always prepare 2 extra containers of dry ingredients so I would have it ready whenever I’m in the mood for it.

The Recipe

Sheila Lukin’s All Around the World Cookbook is the first cookbook I’ve ever purchased. It’s older than my kids and has remained with me through 9 moves–from college thru now. I love reading about the recipes along with her travels. This basic Swedish pancake/Crêpe recipe is from her cookbook but with some slight modifications.

Strawberry and Nutella

Bon Appétit!

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