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Easy Soy Milk

One of my favorite breakfasts, when we visited Taiwan in 2019, was fresh soy milk with Chinese donuts. Such a wonderful combination! This place in Taiwan was so popular that it had a line of people waiting on the staircase, out the door, and wrapped around the building. Luckily, service is quick and the line moves fast. People eat and run.

The soy milk from supermarkets may be fine for some, but I find the flavor to be too mild. I found a pretty easy recipe for soy milk from Mary’s Test Kitchen. You can also follow along with her video. It’s pretty easy and straightforward. I like how you can control the sweetness and the intensity of the soybean flavor when you make it yourself. I like to sweeten the milk with honey.

Chinese donuts are the perfect complement to fresh warm soymilk but unfortunately, it requires too much effort to make. I would love to be able to make Chinese donuts but it requires a big potful of oil, which I never know what to do with afterward, and they don’t quite taste the same. Too much effort for so little payoff. Unless you’re mass producing them, I wouldn’t attempt to make it. I tried the frozen ones from the supermarkets too and they don’t taste the same. It’s missing that crunchy exterior. Restaurants that do it well are hard to find. Most make it too doughy for my liking. Makes me want to be in Taiwan again.

Instead, I suggest you pair it with (scallion/green onion/ spring onion) pancake using this recipe. The onion pancake doesn’t require too much effort and can be made pretty easily. The ingredients are accessible and the directions are pretty simple.

During our trip to Taiwan, our family went to a farm to make our own scallion pancake. We each selected and pulled out the scallions from the fields. The scallions from this area are especially big, sweet and flavorful. We washed it and then made our own scallion pancake. After it was panfried, we enjoyed it while sitting on the farm with the hills as our backdrop.

harvesting our own scallions

It was such a wonderful experience and our family still remember it fondly today! I definitely recommend this if you’re ever in the Yilan area in Taiwan. You can book tickets thru here.

Of course, if making scallion pancakes at home seem like too much effort, then try these frozen ones. I discovered this brand recently and ordered it from Weee! and they’re pretty darn good too. If you’d like to sign up, consider going thru my referral link for $15 off your first order.

My favorite pre-made scallion pancakes

Once panfried, they get crispy on the outside while still chewy on the inside.

While reading this post, it made me reminisce about our first international trip as a family to Taiwan. Of course, we’ve been out of the country to Canada but that doesn’t really count since they’re such close neighbors. We had so much fun in Taiwan and the kids have expressed interest in going back.

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