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Elevated Ramen

My family was in Knoxville, TN a few years back and we were craving Asian food. We were surprised to find a ramen place nearby. I should’ve known not to expect authentic ramen when the restaurant name is Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern, but we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, right? Well, it was packaged ramen but with added ingredients and toppings. I like to call this–elevated package ramen!

I am not knocking packaged ramen, because I actually crave it at times. Yes, a $15+ a bowl type of ramen is best but sometimes you just want something cheap and easy! The Nongshim brand ramen has been my favorite lately. I can always just have it plain but I actually prefer to elevate my packaged ramen so it’s even more delicious and perhaps a tad bit healthier (or so I like to think).

Veggie Overload

I always load my ramen with extra vegetables to make myself less guilty about eating ramen. I just add whatever vegetables I happen to have on hand. Today, I have lettuce, onions, green onions, and Chinese broccoli in my refrigerator. I usually just dump all the veggies in when the ramen is 2 minutes in, but today, I parboiled it separately for you so it’ll look prettier in pictures. If you parboil any green veggies, make sure the water is boiling first and then add a pinch of salt into the water so that the veggies will retain its pretty vibrant green color.


I always like to add some protein in as well. I usually do a soft boil egg because I always have eggs readily available in my fridge and it’s super easy to make. Put the egg in a pot with water and bring it to a boil. Turn off the stove once the water boils and let the egg sit in the covered pot for 5-6 minutes for a soft-boiled egg and 8-10 minutes if you prefer it hard-boiled. You may need to adjust the time depending on the size of the egg.

Bowl of Ramen

It’s especially good on a cold day! Let me know what type of ramen you like and how you like to elevate your packaged ramen.

Let me know how you like to elevate your packaged ramen! And if you eat it straight out of the bag, crushed like a snack, that’s fine too! Nothing wrong with that!

Ramen Restaurants

Speaking of ramen, my favorite $15+ type of ramen places are Ramen Dojo, Ramen Parlor, and Santa Ramen if you’re in the San Mateo, CA area. Ramen Nagi if you’re in the Palo Alto, CA area. Be forewarned about their long wait though! Or you can just go home and make your own elevated ramen for a lot less.

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