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Eyebrow Tinting Tutorial

I got my eyebrows tinted for the very first in May this year and now I’m hooked. I was uncertain about the results initially. At first, they seemed very dark and overpowering, but gradually, I got used to them and really love it now.

I have dark eyebrows already but they’re sparse, so they tend to look light grey. In pictures, if I don’t define them, I’m left with half an eyebrow which makes me look sinister–like a villain from some superhero movie. I keep hearing and reading about microblading but I am hesitant to do such a procedure. Even though I have a tattoo on my ankle, I can’t make such a commitment on my face.

I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup. If I can skip spending time on my eyebrows daily then I’d welcome it. I was so excited when I booked my first appointment to have my brows shaped and tinted.

The salon that I went to charged $30. It was a salon specializing in just lashes and brows. The experience was wonderful. I found it so relaxing, I could’ve fallen asleep. Most of the 30+ minutes went into the shaping and tweezing of my brows. The owner that did my brows also offered suggestions on how to I can maintain the shape myself. I had even left it extra wild so I could get a professional’s opinion on how to shape it, so she had her work cut out for her.

The Results

Before || After

After the grooming and tinting were done, she handed me a mirror and I was taken aback because I thought my brows were so overpowering. I wasn’t used to the shape or the darkness of it. I thought it looked nice but I wasn’t sure it fit me. I’m very low maintenance when it comes to makeup and not used to looking so made up.

I quickly got used to them. I liked them more as it faded a bit and less overpowering. I really appreciated not having to fill them in daily to get a decent brow. My husband said I look younger (which is the greatest compliment to any woman over the age of 30). My kids kept looking at me. They could tell something was different but didn’t realize it was my eyebrows until they stared at my face longer. My two younger daughters said they looked scary–mommy has “strong” brows. My older daughter said it looked good.

The tinting only lasted about 2 weeks for me though. It’s probably because I’m an aggressive face washer. During my eyebrow appointment, I realized that the tinting part was actually really easy and quick. I did some internet research and learned that I could just do it at home.

Do It Yourself At Home Application

I purchased this tinting kit for a do-it-yourself at-home solution.

  1. Start off with clean brows.
  2. Open the capsule and empty 1/2 of the contents of the capsule into the plastic mixing container provided. Add a tiny drop of developer and mix. Recap the remainder of the capsule for future use. You want the tint and developer mix to be a creamy texture–not runny.
  3. Apply the tint mixture onto the eyebrows with the provided brush and remove any excess with a q-tip. I usually wait for about 3 minutes. Check the provided instructions to see how long for your personal application. It’s always better to do less time and if you want it darker, you can always re-tint it again afterward.
  4. Wipe off the tint mixture with some warm water and cotton pads.
My At Home Results

Let me know if you’ve tried at-home tinting and how it worked out for you.

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