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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Here are some of my favorite finds lately.


365 by Whole Foods Satsuma & Eucalyptus Foaming Hand Soap – If I have to wash my hands, this is my soap of choice. This hand soap smells like fresh Satsuma. So lovely and refreshing! Whole Foods sells the large refills as well.

Boots No7 Cleansing Balm ($8.99) – I used to buy the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm but that one is really expensive and I can’t justify spending so much on it anymore. I would rather spend the extra money on a nice serum.  The packaging is really luxurious and pretty but one time, I actually cut my finger on the plastic while trying to unscrew the jar. The plastic was so sharp!  Anyways, if money is not an issue, that would be my choice. 

But, I find that this cleansing balm does the job just as well.  It also comes with a thin cleansing cloth. It’s at a great price point and Walgreens often has these on sale, so I stock up on them.  They’re great for removing stubborn sunscreen.

Daiso Sakura Plate

Daiso Sakura Plates ($1.50) – Daiso is a Japanese version of the Dollar store. Most merchandise are $1.50 unless otherwise marked. They have a lot of cute stuff and it’s easy to end up with more things than you intended to buy. I purchased the last two plates they had at my local Daiso. I still need to go hunting at other nearby Daiso stores to find more.

Clairol Nice’N Easy Root Touch Up – I dye my hair but my gray roots make a strong comeback in about two weeks. This is a nice little kit to have on hand when you want to camouflage the grays and want to extend the time before the next time you dye your hair. I also have a root spray but I prefer the precise dry application from this. I have this in dark brown and I use this to fill in my brows as well.

Last but not least…

Thrifty Ice Cream Scoop – If you’ve ever had Thrify ice cream then you’ll know how special these ice cream scoops are. I used to go to Thrifty with my dad and we always headed to the front where the ice cream counter was. I would always get a double scoop of rocky road with mint chip while my dad would get his favorite, a double scoop of coconut pineapple. Their ice cream was affordable and good. I remember when it was first $0.25 and then they raised their price to $0.50 for a single scoop. Their ice cream scoops were cylindrical and each scoop dished out a healthy (or rather, unhealthy) heap of ice cream. It was the best!

I used to think how cool it would be to work there just so I can use that ice cream scoop. Of course, nostalgia got the best of me and now, I have that scoop too.

Thrifty is now Rite-Aid and they still sell ice cream. I stopped by recently, but their single scoop is now $1.99. They were selling their prepackaged 1.5 quart ice cream 2 for $8.00, so we got two cartons of that instead.

It was a tough choice but my eldest daughter approved Mocha Almond Fudge and Mint ‘N Chip.
Not bad for my first time!

It was just as good as I remembered! I do appreciate fancy artisanal ice cream but sometimes I just want some good old fashion ice cream from the past. This really hit the spot!

Hope you have a great weekend! And thanks for stopping by!

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