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Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it. If you don’t, then I hope you’re having a happy Thankful Thursday!

Like most people, we chose to spend Thanksgiving at home this year. Normally, our family spends Thanksgiving with my brothers and my parents, but this year with COVID, we decided to stay home. I did some early preparation by deciding on my menu early on and did some prep work for my apple pie. I used this recipe for my apple pie. Because the dough is very hard to work with, this pie crust bag actually came in super handy to help me gauge the size and move the crust onto the pie dish. If you work with pie crust often, you may want to invest in one.

Usually, my mom takes care of preparing the turkey and I just pop it in the oven for her. Since we celebrated at home, I forgot to defrost my turkey on Monday and didn’t start until Tuesday afternoon. I was getting a little worried that I would be stuck with a frozen turkey on Thanksgiving, but thank goodness, it defrosted in time. Luckily, I bought a 10 LB one so it wasn’t too big to deal with. This year, instead of the wet brine, I choose to do a dry brine on the turkey and cooked it according to these Butterball turkey directions. Easy peasy. The house smells so good while the turkey was roasting. I was relieved that the turkey turned out moist and juicy.

Tomorrow, we’ll have turkey congee with all the leftover turkey meat. It’s a tradition with us.

I’m writing this post after I woke up from my food coma. I just crashed on the couch after our desserts of apple pie and pumpkin pie. I asked my youngest daughter for a massage and she lovingly covers me with a blanket and places two pieces of tissues on top of me. That’s her version of a deep tissue massage!

Black Friday Shopping

I’ve never been one for in-person Black Friday shopping. There is no deal worth getting trampled on for. Instead, I prefer to stay in the comforts of home and just shop online.

Here are some sales that I took advantage of:

Anthropologie is having a 30% off with very few restrictions. I had my eye on the 7′ Gleaming Primrose Mirror for a long time but could not get myself to actually check out until recently. I thought I got a good deal when I got a 25% off code but with the Black Friday discount, you can now get it for 30% off. Yes, the mirror is still quite a chunk of change, but maybe this discount can offset the cost a bit.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror

I also have my eye on this Women Souffle Yarn Hooded Tunic from Uniqlo.

I have these Vince Camuto Black Leather Boots on the way. They’re currently 50% off.

Thanks for reading!

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