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Home Haircuts

Since shelter in place, have you been tempted to cut your own hair?  I thought I could wait until our first shelter in place order was lifted, but when it was extended, I really couldn’t stand it anymore.

Memories of Traumatic Home Haircuts

Oh! The horrors of home haircuts! I remember when I was in the 4th grade when my mom butchered my hair! Yes! Butchered! I was so distraught that I cried and pleaded with her to glue my hair back on. I wasn’t thinking logically at the time.  She still remembers the incident well and thought it was quite hilarious!  I can laugh about it now, but I certainly was not amused then!

She cut it so short–up to the top of my neck. And that was the longest part! She claimed that my hair was slick and slippery.  Each time she tried to even it out, she ended up cutting more off than she had intended.  Mom, that would be a good sign to STOP!!!

There was a boy that I liked in school and I just dreaded going back to school. Well, if he didn’t like me before, this butchered hair certainly wasn’t going to make him notice me in a positive way.  Needless to say, that was the last time my mom cut my hair.

Ok!  Let’s Try This Again

With my previous traumatizing experience, why would I want to gamble with a home haircut again?   With the shelter in place in effect since mid-March, my hair was already in bad shape. It’s been over a year since my last hair appointment. I had planned to go in Spring to get it cut, colored and highlighted in preparation for a family wedding. So when we were ordered to shelter in place, I was already fed up with my hair. I had already dyed the roots and already self trimmed my bangs. The ends of my hair was already a dried and fried mess. It was growing in a V shape that looked wispy and thin at the end.  I really just wanted the wiry ends gone.

I asked my husband to cut it for me but he refused at first.   He says I’m a difficult woman to please. He told me that he didn’t want spend all that effort just to have me dissatisfied with the results and criticizing his work. I was beginning to think maybe I have to do this myself because the more I looked it, the more it bothered me.

I finally persuaded him to trim it for me and I promised not to complain. I wasn’t really concerned about it because my hair is really long.  As long as he trimmed it a little at a time,  I had the length to spare for him to make some mistakes. I was only asking him to even out the ends, which would’ve gotten rid of the dried V shaped ends. He set up a chair for me out in the garage.

Salon de Garage

He did a great job and didn’t cut too much off. I was happy with the results and my hair feels a lot more healthy now. I didn’t complain at all!  See!  I’m not that difficult to please!

How did your home haircut turn out?

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