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Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

My recent favorite recipe find has been the amazing Japanese soufflé pancake, which can be found here.    I can’t stress how delicious these pancakes are.  They remind me of a very light Asian cake.  They’re so delicious that I eat them with just fresh strawberries and a light dusting of powdered sugar.


One night I was watching YouTube videos and on the sidebar, there was an image of a plate of Japanese soufflé pancakes.  I’ve actually heard about them a long time ago.  I just always assumed they were more trouble than its worth to make them so never looked further into them.  Well, I clicked the video and went through the rabbit hole.  It was 5am and I had already watched countless videos of how soufflé pancakes were made in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.  Check out this video of Flipper’s in Korea.  Of course, after watching all those videos, I was craving it but didn’t know what recipe to use because they all varied.

I ended up using this one from Just One Cookbook.   The only adjustments I made was incorporating some lemon zest into the batter and 1 tsp of lemon juice into the meringue.  These came out delicious!  I’ve made them many times for the family already.  The meringue and the slow cooking does take a bit of extra effort but well worth it. Just a warning, the recipe only makes 3 pancakes so plan accordingly.  Since we’re a family of 5, I had to make the difficult choice of deciding who got a pancake during the first round.

I had recently purchased a large Green Pan on sale from Costco and it was the biggest pan I owned.  I started having buyer’s remorse as soon as I got home and I was really debating if I should keep it or not.  It was sitting unopened next to the door for nearly two months.  It was an impulse buy because it was on sale ($18 if I remember correctly).  But, as soon as I saw the pancake videos, I knew this pan was a keeper.   It is perfect for making 3 soufflé pancakes with its nonstick surface. Its sides are higher than my existing pans so I can keep the cover on to steam the pancakes without stunting its growth.  It’s wide enough to give me space to flip the pancakes easily. You really need a nonstick pan to make these if you want your pancakes to come out nicely during the flip.

I can still work on my technique to make the pancakes rise higher.  Mine tends to spread out more than I’d like, but I’ll have a good time experimenting with this task.  I’m sure my family won’t mind being my guinea pigs either.

They opened a Flippers in NYC.  If I’m ever close to a Flipper’s, I definitely try them out to see how this recipe compares.    Their soufflé pancakes are $16 and if you want strawberries & bananas, that’ll see you back $19. Meanwhile, I’m happy knowing that I can make these at home for much less.

Try making these pancakes at home.  I think you’ll surprise yourself with how well they turn out.  I was!







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