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Labor Day in Lake Tahoe

Stateline Fire Lookout

We had a wonderful long weekend at Lake Tahoe.  Previously, we had stayed at Incline Village, but this year, we got a cabin rental near King’s Beach.  King’s Beach has a different feel and is a lot more crowded than Incline Village.  Next time, we will just stick with our tried and true Incline Village since I prefer a more quiet atmosphere.  We started the weekend with a hike to Stateline Fire Lookout. This easy paved trail is very family-friendly and has an excellent view of the lake.  My 5-year-old had no problem with the hike.  I even convinced my second daughter to model for me on top of the rocks at the lookout point.  

Stateline Fire Lookout Lake Tahoe
Perched on a rock – Stateline Fire Lookout

Sand Harbor Beach

In the evening, we went to Sand Harbor, hoping to rent kayaks. Unfortunately, we had just missed their last rental time. We ended staying for an hour and the kids had a great time just playing on the beach.  

On Sunday, we tried going back to Sand Harbor to rent a kayak, but unfortunately, their parking lot was already full and we were not one of the lucky ones to get one of their 528 available parking spaces. There were cars parked along the highway, but we didn’t want to risk getting a ticket so we ended up going to King’s Beach which was extremely busy due to the long weekend.  The sun was intense and since we were not frequent beachgoers, we were very ill-equipped.  We had no shade and I felt my forehead sizzling.  Thankfully, my sister-in-law purchased a beach canopy and all was well again. 

Boat Rental from Tahoe City Marina

Later in the evening, we went to Tahoe City Marina for our powerboat reservation.  My husband had told them over the phone that he had prior experience with a powerboat. He didn’t! I was nervous about the whole thing.  I’m not sure that driving an electric Duffy boat or navigating a pedal boat was considered prior experience. He assured me it was all going to be ok because he had watched a couple of YouTube tutorials last night.  Oh dear! 

Turns out we survived!  We rented a 23’ open bow powerboat for $195/hour + fuel cost. It ended up being around $230 for an hour.   We only had 8 people but I’m glad we got the 23’ one because it gave us more room.  Everyone had a blast and my husband was a happy camper because he got to drive a powerboat for the first time!  The kids all agreed it was their favorite part of the trip.  We’ll definitely have to do this again next time!

If you’ve been to Tahoe, but never rented a boat, I highly suggest you try it!

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