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Life in the Time of Coronavirus – Month 2


My life lately has revolved around homeschooling and cooking. I use the term homeschooling loosely because the curriculum is set by the teachers.  Nevertheless, I’m still the one sitting next to my kindergartener guiding, monitoring, and making sure she does satisfactory work. Obviously she can’t sit for the full duration so we have to take frequent breaks. We end up spending 4-5 hours on schoolwork daily. To break up the monotony of schoolwork, my kindergartener helps me cook, bake, play dancing games, and tend to the garden.

There are so many funny memes regarding homeschooling and it’s because we’re all feeling the same pressure and frustration in trying to educate our own kids. Most days, one or both of us will end up upset and frustrated.

While I stepped out to grab a cup of tea, my youngest daughter left me this message.

That pretty much is a good indication of how homeschooling is going for us!

During this month of homeschooling/remote learning, I’ve learned that I’m even more impatient than I thought I was.

Cooking & Baking

Aside from homeschooling, I’ve been cooking and planning meals like crazy.  I’ve been using a lot of eggs. I can’t seem to keep them stocked.  I use the bulk of it for baking but also like it fried over a bed of quinoa. I’ve also experimented with Korean braised eggs and it’s delicious. I like to keep extras in the fridge as a satisfying, savory snack.

With all the K-dramas I’ve been watching, I’ve been craving Korean food so I have been making a lot more Korean inspired dishes.  I’ve been trying to expand my repertoire of go-to dishes.  I’ve tried a lot of new recipes I found online. Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) and xiao long bao (Chinese soup dumplings) are my favorites. The KFC is so delicious and addictive. The xiao long bao was surprisingly easy to make. I still need to master the folding technique. I made extras and froze them and they were just as good as the fresh ones.

Here are just some of the food I’ve made during our Shelter in Place:


I’m continuing with my daily walks.  There are trails in our neighborhood so there is really no excuse for me not to go. I try to get 12K steps either through my daily walks, dancing to Just Dance, or going up and down the stairs.

I’m still doing my intermittent fasting.  I try to do all my eating between 12pm – 8pm.  Most nights I stay up past midnight and I used to have a real problem with late-night snacking.  To curb it, I brush and floss my teeth alongside my youngest daughter when she gets ready for her bedtime.   That way, I’m less tempted to snack later in the night.  I’ll have a sparkling water if I get the urge to snack and that usually helps me.

Although it is comfortable to just stay in my PJs all day, I change into my workout clothes instead. I shared some cute, inexpensive options from Amazon here. In case I’m wavering if I want to go on a hike, I’ll have one less excuse.

I hope you’re making the best of SIP! To all the homeschooling parents, breathe in…breathe out…. We will get through this. 

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