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Life in the Time of Coronavirus

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. 2020 has started off pretty badly. Let’s hope the outlook improves in the latter part of the year!


This is our second week of shelter-in-place and this is our life lately.

I recently purchased Just Dance 2020 and it’s been our main source of physical activity. We have an Xbox One with a Kinect. If you plan on purchasing it, buy the disc version. For some reason, it’s cheaper than the digital version. It comes with a free one month trial of Just Dance Unlimited which has 500+ songs in various genres which should appeal to all ages. I purchased the disc from Target during their sale for $19.99.

It’s actually good that we bought the Just Dance game because my husband and I have both stocked up on too much junk food–Oreos and chips. There is so much junk food that I had to stash some away to make sure they’re out of plain sight. I’m sure that by the time our shelter in place is over, we’ll all be soft and doughy like the people from WALL-E.

Although we’ve been asked to shelter-in-place, we’re allowed to go for walks as long as we practice social distancing. It’s been raining off and on the last few days but when it’s not, I try to go outside for a walk along the trails.

Social distancing from my walking companion

I’ve also had more time to try out some Korean recipes. I recently discovered My Korean Kitchen blog and have liked all the recipes I’ve tried so far. I’ve made japchae, pan fried tofu with garlic soy sesame sauce, seaweed soup, and candied sweet potatoes. Once I get the gochujang, the next recipe I will try is Korean fried chicken (KFC)

We’ve also been doing more movie nights. Coming up with a movie that will appeal to 5 very different people is always the most difficult part.

Free Resources

One of my goals this year is to read more this year. My goal is to read at least one book a month. My husband says that’s a really low bar. Well, it turns out that a low bar can actually create successful habits according to this NPR Life Kit podcast. It’s been working for me so far because I’ve already read 10 books. I’ll do a post of the books I’ve read so far in a future post. My genre of choice is psychological thrillers.

Aside from one book, all my books were borrowed through my local library’s online Libby app. I can have the book delivered to my Kindle or listen to the audiobook on my phone. I can’t stress how awesome the library is. You can get an online library card. It’ll allow you to access magazines, newspapers (like the New York Times), and Rosetta Stone (to learn a new language) all for FREE! They also offer Kanopy For Kids which provides an excellent selection of curated kids programming. Do check out your local library’s offerings online if you haven’t before.

Aside from reading, I’ve also been watching a lot of Asian dramas on Viki and Youtube. In a previous post, I mentioned some binge worthy dramas. Here are some additional ones that I’ve enjoyed recently:

Find Yourself – If you like Pretty Noona That Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain), then you will like this one too. It’s about an HR director in her 30’s that falls for her brother’s much younger student. She wants to keep the relationship a secret but it causes more tension and doubt in the relationship.

Crash Landing On You – Sera, a rich heiress and CEO, accidentally paraglides into North Korea and falls in love with an army officer, Captain Ri. I highly suggest this one.

Heart Signal 2 (Korean) – If you like reality shows, this one is definitely worth watching. A cast of celebrity judges observes the behaviors of eight housemates to see what love connections will be made. I was really flabbergasted by one of the final love connections!

Heart Signal 2 (Chinese) – This is the Chinese version of the original Korean show. I really like the cast of judges from this season, especially Victoria Song and Raine Yang.

Leaving Lichuan – It stars Godfrey Gao, who passed away in November 2019 while filming a sports reality show in Ningbo, China. I discovered this one accidentally. I watched it even when it had no English subtitles and had to struggle along with my poor Mandarin. It does have English subtitles now. This one was quite heart wrenching, so be prepared with tissues.

The Gravity of a Rainbow – It also stars Godfrey Gao. The opening sequence is very beautiful and haunting. He Cai Hong is an assistant professor/graduate student. She falls for a professor, Ji Huang, and pursues him. Her mom disapproves of their relationship and is outright mean and nasty to him. He Cai Hong struggles with the decision to either go with her heart or be the dutiful daughter. Choices…choices…

Okay, I better stop it with the Asian dramas for now.

There are so many online resources now which makes staying at home a lot easier now. If you have an elementary age child, check out Scholastic Learn at Home and Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems. There are so many educational resources available, but my 6 year old daughter enjoys these two the most.

One of my daughter’s many doodles of her favorite characters.

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