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Milia Removal

As I’ve gotten older, I find myself with more milia.  No!  It is not cute like baby milia!  Somehow, everything is cute when it relates to a baby, but not on an adult.  At first I thought I just had whiteheads and tried to extract it myself, but milia are actually hard keratin bits trapped underneath the skin.  It’s like a small ball of the same material as fingernails. 

Milia Removal Gone Wrong
Self Milia Removal Gone Wrong

Unfortunately, to extract them, the skin needs to be pierced and tremendous pressure is needed to force it out.   I’m stubborn and can’t stand the sight of them. I’ve tried to extract these every once in a while even though from previous experience, it has not been pretty.  

I’ve gotten them on my eyelids before and it looked like I had eye kaka hanging from my eyelids–not a good look. Most of my milia are grouped underneath the inner corners of my eyes. It’s annoying because it’s slightly raised so my skin doesn’t look smooth and I can feel the tiny bumps.  I’m sure it’s not that noticeable to others because it’s not like anyone is staring at my face to discover each and every imperfection but it’s noticeable to me.

I usually go to an esthetician for my “acne facial” to have them removed. In order to be cost effective, I feel like I should “save up” the milia before going because a visit is about $120+ and tips. 

Today, I had this really noticeable one that was really bothering me, I attempted to remove it myself with a pair of sharp tweezers by piercing the skin and then I attempted to squeeze out the keratin bit. The slippery little sucker is always running away and escapes me.  Immediately, I regretted doing so. It was so painful trying to squeeze it out that spontaneous tears just sprouted from my eyes and still the sucker wouldn’t budge.  So, let this post be a reminder to myself!  DO NOT TRY TO EXTRACT MY OWN MILIA!!!!! 

Now, I’m left with an inflamed red patch with fingernail marks and the milia is still in there!  I need to book an appointment soon otherwise my face will be inflamed and splotchy by my own doing.

Are you a face picker too? Do you have a problem with milia?

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