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Normandy in Berkeley

Living in the Bay Area, we are spoiled by all the variety of food offerings. Berkeley is no exception. We’re still discovering new food places as more and more new places pop up. Today, we ate at one of our favorite Thai restaurant, Imm Thai Street Food. Afterward, we walked over to Amausaan Uji Matcha for dessert. If you haven’t been, you need to stop by. It’s a really cute place decorated with faux cherry blossoms and red Torii gates. As their name suggests, their specialty is matcha based desserts.

Dessert picture
Dessert: Aoyama Uji Matcha Bamboo Tube and Spike Caramel Black Tea Mille Crepes

Normandy Village

After indulging in our desserts, we went in search of Normandy Village in Berkeley. Situated on a quiet street not far from the edge of Cal is this fairytale-like structure heavily influenced by European architecture. When the building came into sight, it was like a storybook had come to life. Where are the seven dwarves?

Normandy Village
Normandy Village

Here is some additional information about this historic structure. It was known as Thornburg Village and completed in 1927. There are residents living here so please be respectful of their property. The address is 1781––1851 Spruce Street, Berkeley, CA if you too want to visit Normandy in Berkeley too.

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