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Our Weekend – Bay Area Kids’ Book Fair and Apple Tart Tatin

This weekend was pretty low key for us. The highlight was seeing my youngest daughter’s expression when she saw Piggie and Gerald, the famous Mo Willems characters, at the Bay Area Kids’ Book Fair. She loves her Elephant and Piggie books and makes me read this compilation to her all the time. Is it odd that I was even more excited than her to meet them?

Piggie and Gerald

Also at the character meet and greet were Pete the Cat and Spiderman. The book fair was a small event so it was easy to grab a photo with the characters without long lines. There were also book authors present promoting children’s books.

Apple Tart Tatin

Over the weekend, I did some lite baking. Since I had a huge stash of apples in the fridge, I made an apple tart tatin. Don’t let the French fool you, because it sounds way harder than it actually is. The hardest part was probably peeling and coring the apples. I used Emeril Lagasse’s recipe and it turned out beautifully. One adjustment I made is lessening the amount of sugar. I don’t like my apple desserts to be overly sweet.

As for the puff pastry, I didn’t make it. Instead, I purchased it from Trader Joe’s. Next time, I’ll try making the puff pastry since the recipe seems simple enough.

I cooked the apples in my Lodge cast iron pan and then popped the cast iron pan into the iron. It was an easy one pan dessert! It smells so amazing while the apples are cooking over the stove top.

Apple Tart Tatin straight out of the oven


Here’s what it looks like once I flipped it over. It’s best served warm.

A beautiful tart that’s way easier than it sounds!

If you’re looking for any easy apple dessert recipe, give this a try.

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