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Recent Favorite Amazon Purchases

Recent Amazon Purchases

1.  Cross Back Strappy Sports Bra – This is cute and well priced.  I also like that the sports bra is a longer length.  I got this in pink and black.  Just a warning that the padding is a bit thick but it can be removed or replaced.  I ordered based on my bra size and it fit perfectly.

2.  High Waist Mesh Yoga Leggings with Side Pockets – I like the tummy control on this.  It goes all the way up to my belly button.  After 3 kids, my stomach is lax and a wrinkled mess and these leggings hide it well.  I like the mesh detailing on the bottom side of the leg and also on the pockets. I like having pockets for when the weather gets warmer and I’m without a jacket with pockets.  I got this in size Small in black and purple.  The black is versatile but I think the purple is actually prettier because it shows off the mesh detailing better.

3.  Cushion No Show Socks – I’m always on the lookout for no show socks that actually stay up.  While these are not the ultimate no show socks, they do the job quite well.    I like that there are 3 silicone strips at the back of the heel.  They have slipped down on me but they perform better than the ones I got from Nike and Uniqlo.  Plus, it’s $14.99 for 7 pairs!  I got these in white.

4.  Shiseido Medicated Hand Cream – I really, really like this hand cream.  It goes on smoothly and is absorbed quickly.  I have the pricier Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Creme, but find myself reaching for this instead.  Best of all,  there is no offensive fragrance. I also like that it comes in a lift up cap container.   This was shipped all the way from Japan when I ordered it.   

5.  Secret Key Treatment Essence Rose Edition – This is an affordable dupe for SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence.  It has 94% Galactonyces Fermented Filtrate and Rose Water.  It keeps my skin soft and hydrated.  I’ll definitely be repurchasing after I run out. 

6.  NYX Epic Ink Liner in Black– I’ve been using the Kat Von Dee Tattoo Eyeliner but my eldest daughter keeps stealing it.  I didn’t feel like spending $21 on another eyeliner that I rarely use, so I decided to give this a try.  The tip is precise and flexible.  It’s not as good as the KVD one but it does the job and the color stays put.  My one complaint is that it’s a bit wetter than I’d like.

7.  Pmel Essence Mascara Base – I’ve reviewed this before here.  This stuff is the best for Asian lashes to maintain a curl.  My local Asian beauty supply shop stopped carrying this.  Luckily, they’re readily available on Amazon.  I hope they never ever discontinue this. 

8.  Betty Rain Lined Shower Cap – Yes, yes, this is just a shower cap, but I like the fun prints and the ribbon detailing.  The elastic is nice and stretchy without being restrictive.  I used to just put my hair in a bun if it wasn’t hair washing day, but when I got out of the shower, the back of my head would be all wet.  This makes life just easier.

9.  Debbie Meyer GreenBags – These really work!  These storage bags will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer.  I cannot do without fresh fruits and vegetables but they’re perishable and go bad so fast.  With the shelter in place in effect, I didn’t want to be heading to the supermarket every other day.  The trick is to keep wiping away any moisture.   I usually keep a paper towel inside the bags to draw away the moisture.

10.  VAGDAM Asam Black Loose Leaf Tea – When our family went to  Taiwan last April during Spring Break, we took a boba milk tea making class.  It was a lot of fun.  They used Assam teabags.  I bought a few packages of their teabags.  Last week, I finally used up the last tea bag and got the VAGDAM Assam tea as a replacement.  I’m pleasantly surprised by it’s rich, fragrant and malty flavor.  It’s definitely a quality product and perfect for making milk tea. 

11.  Cilantro seeds– I bought these because I love cilantro and wanted to plant something with my daughter.  I wanted her to see how plants grow and teach her to care for it.  I saw little sprouts shooting up after about 3 days of planting, so that’s a good sign!

12.  Roland Fermented Hot Chili Paste / Gochujang – I bought the Gochujang to make Korean fried chicken (KFC) and it turned out so good.  It gives the KFC a nice kick without being overly spicy!  This is the recipe I used from My Korean Kitchen.  Korean fried chicken is double fried and that’s probably why it’s so darn good!  I have made it 3 times already and it’s so addicting. 

13.  7-Piece Expo Dry Erase Set– Okay, this might be a bit random, but I love having these dry erase pens.  It makes me feel like a legitimate educator during the transition to homeschooling.   I have a dry erase board and these make homeschooling a bit more fun.  My kindergartener loves it when I give her problems to solve on the whiteboard.  The tips are a perfect size and write easily.

These purchases have sparked joy for me.  What are some of your favorite recent Amazon finds?

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