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Shopping Online for Asian Groceries – Review of Weee!

Do you get excited when you get a delivery? Even though I’ve been using Weee! for almost a year now, I still get excited when I receive a package from them. Weee! is the largest online Asian grocery delivery company.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and although I have three Ranch 99 (Asian supermarket) close to me, I still use Weee! Somedays, I just don’t want to leave the house. I would rather just shop from the comforts of my home and not have little old Asian ladies that ram their carts into the back of my heel and not acknowledge or even apologize for their actions. Unfortunately, this has happened to me too many times!

I love their selection of Asian fresh produce. The first time I ordered from them, I ordered some pea tips and they were so fresh and tender. I had also purchased some from Ranch 99 earlier and they were so old and fibrous that most of it were tossed. One time I did get some white peaches that were overly ripe and they were mushy and bruised. I didn’t bother notifying them since it seemed to be a fluke.

I got a box today and was super excited. Look at that freakishly big napa cabbage!

Weee! Online Asian Grocer
Weee! Delivery Box

Want to Try Them Out?

If you’re in their service area of San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, CA or Seattle, WA and would like to try out their service, you can use my referral discount. You’ll get $10 off $35+ and free delivery and I will also receive a $10 discount. Don’t be intimidated by the Chinese because I don’t read Chinese either. Just make sure you select English in the language selection on the upper right-hand corner.

You can try the service and are under no obligation to reuse them again. Like me, I think you’ll probably find that somedays, it’s nice to be able to just shop online for Asian groceries. I made great use of it during the hot summer months and the cold, rainy days when I just didn’t want to be outdoors.

My Purchase

Here are all my goodies today. My eldest daughter is a vegetarian (pescetarian to be more accurate), so I buy a lot of fresh veggies, seafood, and tofu. Of course, the weather is getting colder now and I love a good hot pot too, so I purchased ingredient in anticipation of the next hot pot meal! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

$103 is not bad for all the stuff that I got! I find that their pricing is comparable to my local Ranch 99. I don’t think it’ll completely replace my trips to the supermarket, but I love having Weee! as an option!

Have you ever tried Weee! and what did you think of their service?

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