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Sale Alert – Naisture Korean Face Sheet Masks on Sale

Sheet Masks

33 Days of Face Mask for $33

If you love a good face sheet mask, check out the sale going on a Naisture–$33 for 33 masks. This is the perfect time to stock up. I’ve used these masks for a few years now and I love the quality of them. My favorite ones are the Caviar and Red Wine. They feel very luxurious.

If you use the code, WELCOME15 (15% off), each sheet mask will be less than a $1 each, which is a bargain!

Scary Mommy

My husband always finds the sheet masks a bit unappealing to look at so I try to use them when he’s not around. But, the most memorable moment was when my youngest daughter, at 3 years old, ran into my room while I was pampering myself with a sheet mask. She ran into my bedroom excitedly, wanting to share something with me. The minute, she saw my face, I heard the loudest and most frightened shriek/cry coming from her little mouth. She couldn’t get her little feet out of my bedroom fast enough!

My husband immediately went to see what happened. He and my eldest daughter had to comfort her and reassure her it was just mommy. She was absolutely terrified! I took off the mask and told her it was just mommy. She still looked very uncertain as I was holding the mask that I had peeled off.

To this day, I’m can still remember that loud shriek. I’ve never heard her so frightened before. Poor little girl! Good thing she’s used to seeing mommy with it now and she’s not scared anymore.

I don’t have to choose between hydrated skin or giving my daughter nightmares.

Do you enjoy using face sheet masks? What are some of your favorites?

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