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SoCal College Tour Fall 2019 – Part II

Don’t miss Part I of the college tour where I go over visiting UCLA, USC, and UC Irvine.


UC San Diego is actually in La Jolla, CA. We made our way down to La Jolla for our next college tour. This is our second time on campus. We were here about a year ago because I had heard about the Fallen Star and wanted to visit it. Unfortunately, the exhibit has limited hours and we were not able to go inside it then.

I took an instant liking to this campus and thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The student body seemed diverse and I like that the campus has art in unexpected places all over campus. I took the most pictures here because there were just so many unique spots.

Bopomofo Cafe – San Gabriel

Our next college tour was UC Santa Barbara. Before heading there, we stopped at Bopomofo Cafe because I had it on my list of places to try in SoCal. Their drinks were good. I liked the Lu Rou Fan but the must-try is definitely their nachos! I saw every table had an order of it and am glad we ordered it. We probably could’ve polished off another order of it!

Porto’s Bakery – Glendale

And because we couldn’t stop snacking, we stopped by Porto’s for some late-night snacks before heading into Santa Barbara. I keep seeing this bakery on my Facebook friends’ feed and wanted to see what it’s all about. We stopped by the Downtown Glendale one. It was 8:30pm and the place was packed!

Santa Barbara

We got into Santa Barbara late at night. The next morning we walked across the road to the beach. It was a chilly morning but the sun was out. The kids ran and played in the sand for a bit before it started sprinkling. After checking out of our hotel, we went to look for food and found Mony’s Mexican Food. They have yummy affordable tacos and a great selection of salsa. This is one of my favorite finds during this trip.


Before getting into Santa Barbara, I had received a message that the student-led portion of our tour had been canceled due to the earlier cave fires. We went for the presentation and then did the self-led campus tour on our own.

And that concludes our first college tour! Thanks for joining us.

Parting Thoughts

I’m glad I was able to go on a college tour with my eldest daughter. It was good to see how different each of the campuses were and let her envision if she could be a good fit there. I tried to be neutral about the schools and not inject too much of my own personal thoughts.

When I selected the university I went to, I made the choice mainly through their marketing brochures and based on the school’s reputation. I had never even stepped foot on campus until I actually moved into the dorms. And what a culture shock it was for me! But, that another story for another day!

We will probably focus on touring NoCal UCs later. We can plan those tours much easier since we are closer. Finding the right school is such a personal choice. I certainly don’t think that her undergraduate school choice is the ultimate deciding factor for her future success. I think it partly depends on her field of study, but ultimately, it’s her own personal motivation and determination.

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