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Spring Break 2021 – Part 2

Palo Alto

I read this article about Foothills Park. It used to be a park reserved only for Palo Alto residents but had opened up recently to the public. It was a nice little spot to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. We walked around Boronda Lake and then walked up to Vista Hill.

On our way back, we passed by Hillsborough and decided to do a quick detour to see the “Flintstone House” up close. I remember the first time I passed through the area back in my university days and my housemate that I was visiting pointed out the “Flinstone House” to me. I thought it was a bizarre looking house. Over the years, I have driven past it many times and often wonder who lives there.

The current owner purchased it in 2017 and has erected life-size dinosaur statues in her backyard that you can prominently see from the freeway. It’s definitely a very unique and special house. You can read about the owner and the house here. We stopped by briefly and took some pictures.


My husband complained that I didn’t get enough Chinese baked goods from Super Napoleon Bakery in Oakland last time, so we headed back there and stocked up on more baked goods.

I was craving for sushi so we decided to go back to my old stomping ground. I used to work in Alameda and would often go to Sushi House for lunch with my co-workers. The sushi is fresh and their bentos are affordable. It’s also right across from the beach, so you get a nice view too. They were offering indoor and outdoor dining.

Afterward, we walked along Bay Farm Island Shoreline Trail to walk off our meal. This place has spectacular views but it can get cold and windy.


The last day of my kids’ spring break was also my eldest daughter’s birthday. She turned 18 and she requested ramen as her birthday meal. I originally wanted to go to Ramen Parlor, but unfortunately, they were only opened for takeout and takeout ramen is just not the same, so we decided to check out Marufuku Ramen in Berkeley.

Can’t believe she’s an adult now!

Thanks for reading! That was our spring break! We didn’t go far but enjoyed the sights and food of the bay area.

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