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U-Pick Apples – Clearview Organic Orchards

A couple of weekends ago, we drove out to Clearview Organic to do some apple picking. It’s such a lovely activity to do with the kids. I’ve been here twice previously. This is by far my favorite apple orchard. Their trees are dwarf trees which makes it super easy for kids to help with apple picking. We’ve been up to Apple Hill before as well, but the amount of orchards and the crowds can be overwhelming.

Fuji apple taste tester
Kid friendly activities throughout the orchard

Clearview Organic is an easy drive for us from the bay area, family friendly, and such a welcoming environment. It’s really a hidden gem. The owners and the staff are so nice. The few times we’ve been there, the staff took the time to welcome us, directed us toward the ripe apples and handed out denim bags to hold our apples.

As we walked down the orchard, we could smell the sweet crisp fragrance of apples. We were going late in the season, so all the Fuji apples were already ripe and delicious.

I wanted to do some baking with the apples so the staff suggested we add some Mutsu apples with the Fujis to add a bit of tartness to it, so I got some Mutsu as well.

Our Purchase

We walked out of there with 2 big bagful of apples, which we thought would be plenty, but between our snacking and using them for the kids’ lunches, we quickly used them up before I had a chance to do any baking with them. We also got some of their apple cider. Their cider is awesome. We didn’t realize how good it was until we finished the gallon and purchased a different brand at Costco. Needless to say it was inferior to the Clearview Organic apple cider. We’ll remember to stock up next year. We got a jar of their local honey and their really, really delicious apple turnovers. We love their turnovers. It’s quite a generous size. The filling is not not too sweet nor too tart. It’s perfect! I need this recipe!

Enjoying their famous not-to-be missed apple turnovers

They’re closed for the season now, but you should definitely check them out next year!

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