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U-Pick White Peaches

On Sunday, we drove to Brentwood to Airaya U-Pick Farms to pick white peaches. This was our first time picking peaches and also our first time to Airaya U-Pick Farms. We had a wonderful experience.

Masks are mandatory but I took it off briefly to snap a few photos. We went as soon as they opened, so we were the first ones there and had the farm to ourselves for a bit. The weather was beautiful. When we left, it was still in the mid-70s. It was supposed to be hot and sunny, but I was ready with my new Purito mineral sunscreen.

Their peaches are big, sweet, juicy, crisp, fragrant, and most importantly delicious. We were having so much fun picking them that we ended up with 17+ lbs of white peaches before we knew it. They were $3 per pound.

The fruits of our labor!

It was such a nice activity to do with the family. We’ve been stuffing ourselves with peaches! At least they’re healthy! If we finish this batch before the season is over, we will definitely be back for more!

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